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Nobody enjoys feeling under the weather. This time of year, most people are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. With our household just coming off a week of battling some microbial invaders, I thought we could share our top tips on how we manage uncomfortable symptoms and heal faster in our house.

  • Sore Throat: I love taking a big spoonful of manuka honey to soothe a sore throat. The anti-inflammatory properties of this honey can immediately help reduce the pain of a sore throat, while it’s anti-bacterial properties can help fight the infection. You can also boil some water with a spoonful or two of manuka honey, fresh mint leaves, and the juice of 1 lemon for a citrusy and soothing beverage.

  • Nasal Congestion: If you have access to a steam room, definitely take advantage of this. If, however, you’re like us and don’t, you can make a homemade version. I just close all the doors and turn off the fans to the bathroom and take a long shower with the heat as high as I can stand it. I also like to wet a washcloth and put some eucalyptus oil on it and hang it around my neck. This is immensely helpful in clearing the nasal passages.

  • Fatigue: there are several different ways to help your body when it is exhausted from fighting foreign invasions. The first thing is to make room for rest in your day. Make getting extra zzz’s a priority. The second thing is to fast. Often when we’re sick, we have a decreased appetite. This is because whenever we eat food, roughly 80% of the cells in our body partake in the digestion of that food. If we give our bodies a break from eating, the cellular activity in our body can be more focused and deliver more energy to fighting the harmful microbes. If, however, you are feeling hungry but still want to rest your digestive system, consuming foods like smoothies, juices, or soups can help ease the burden on your digestion while still satisfying your stomach.

  • Boosting Immunity: the top two ways we boost our immunity is through adjustments and essential oils. Adjustments are proven to boost immunity somewhere between 200-400% by increasing your white blood cell count drastically. Essential oils are concentrated nutrients and can be absorbed directly into your blood stream through aromatherapy, by applying them on your skin, or by taking them orally in a capsule. All these options are great. Lemon oil, tea tree, and cinnamon are especially good in aiding your immune system. And they smell delicious!

I hope these tips were helpful to you and your household as we enter the cold and flu season!