At Seppo Chiropractic, we recognize that true health is multi-faced. Neurological, mental, physical and spiritual health are 4 components we acknowledge as key areas of a properly aligned life. Each area is designed to be equally balanced, keep you stress free, experiencing total freedom and operating without interruption or interference between brain-to-body communication. 


Our specialty and primary focus in the office is neurological health, meaning structural integrity of the spinal column and its relationship to the central nervous system. The central nervous system is comprised of the brain and spinal cord. The brain is enclosed within a structurally stable solid layer of bone we call the skull. The spinal cord, however, is encased in 24 movable vertebra, because each bone in your spinal column is moveable, it means that even the smallest misalignment can not only alter the structural integrity of your spinal column and cause it to shift but also causes an interference in your brain's ability to communicate with every cell, tissue and organ in your body. 

Our fundamental goal for every patient is not only to address your "back" problems or structure related interferences, but also your brain problems and it's ability to communicate fully, un-interrupted with your body's neurological, mental, physical and spiritual health, creating a stress free, equally balanced and properly aligned spinal cord without interruption or miscommunication. 


In the pursuit to become healthy, many often forget an incredibly important aspect of their health-their mind!

At Seppo chiropractic we recognize everyday situations that trigger frustration, anger, anxiety and stress, creating mental and psychological reactions that cause a chemical called cortisol to be released in your body. Cortisol causes your heart rate, blood pressure and blood sugar levels to increase releasing information to your mind that interprets these reactions as negative stress, which leads to a negative mindset. 

When you experience life with this negative mindset, your body will be constantly accumulating cortisol which is proven to suppress your immune system, lead to fat accumulation, weight gain, cause memory loss, diminish your ability to sleep and interfere with your buddies digestion processes. 

Our office cares how you view every single event in your life. We know our bodies were not meant for high levels of cortisol to be produced 24 seven, so we want to offer alternative ways/information about everyday lifestyle changes that lead to abundant health, lower blood pressure and blood sugar levels, helping you combat a negative mindset by encouraging meditation and prayer, providing daily affirmations and striving for a long-term commitment in increased immunity, improved sleep patterns, lowering your risk for chronic diseases, illness, memory loss and most importantly a decrease in negative stress/mindsets.


As a society we are obsessed with eating healthy and exercising, yet many people are obese, diabetic, and dying from chronic illnesses. In fact 80% of Americans will die this year from preventable chronic illnesses that if combated with small every day choices in areas of your physical health could lead to vitality, longevity and help strengthen other areas of your life including your neurological, mental and spiritual health.

At Seppo chiropractic, through personal experiences shared on our blog, giving examples through our offices nutritional choices and through providing educational resources, we invite you to become a part of our community, building support as you pursue true physical health.

We believe your body's a temple. Our hope is to partner and work with you to help you achieve positive lifestyle changes right here with the commitment of our team walking beside you.


Most people view spirituality as an addition to their lifestyle, instead of providing direction or allowing God to be the center of all decisions.

Here at Seppo chiropractic we are challenging the status quo. The idea that we can separate our belief systems and daily decisions, we believe is wrong. Our bodies are hardwired to respond to a congruent lifestyle. We read in the Bible that a clean spring cannot produce sour water or that a good tree cannot produce bad fruit.

When our lifestyles become incongruent, it can have a psychological effect on our bodies. Studies have shown that living a compassionate and loving life has a positive effect on state of mind, quality of one's own life and even affect the longevity of life.

We are committed to let God lead our office in putting others first, to loving our community and to giving back. We are committed to serving our practice members and their families by giving them the best of our talents and knowledge. We invite you to join us at the office any morning for prayer as we intentionally start our day by thanking God for the opportunity to be alive, to have purpose and to bless others.