At Seppo Chiropractic, we believe that we are called to be radically generous with our time and resources. Each month, our office highlights local and international missions, movements, and needs. We give not only our practice members, but the community as a whole the opportunity to give back.  If you or someone you know has a cause that is near and dear to their hearts and would love to have Seppo Chiropractic partner with you to help support it, reach out to us! We love having new opportunities to have a meaningful impact in peoples' lives!

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In April, we were honored to host a FREE dinner at our office to share the hope and healing of chiropractic care with friends and family of our Seppo Chiropractic family. We saw over 20 people show up to partake of a gorgeous meal provided by Chef Jen, a local personal chef who has a heart to serve people in the West Michigan area delicious and healthy options!

She cultivated for us several unique treats such as roasted beets marinated in a balsamic glaze, a fresh spring salad mix with a homemade basal vinaigrette dressing, warm lemon snap cookies and some delightful lemon and mint infused water to wash it all down! 

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We plan to have these dinners every so often, so be on the lookout for when our next opportunity is for us to bless you and your family with a free meal and good fellowship! If you would like to find out more about Chef Jen for private events, classes, etc click ----> HERE

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Both Dr. Cait and Dr. Andrew are alumni of Life University located in beautiful Marietta, GA.  Dr. Andrew had the privilege to adjust the entire Life University men's rugby team before a match against Davenport University in Grand Rapids in March of 2018. Research has consistently shown to improve athletic performance and increase recovery time, and is potentially one of the keys to success for the Life Running Eagles.

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Life U just happens to have the best rugby team in the nation over the last decade winning multiple D1A 15's national championships with both the men's and women's teams, as well as competing in the Collegiate Rugby Championships in Philadelphia, PA on an annual basis.  To find out more about Life University you can visit their website by clicking ----> HERE

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Throughout the month of January, we were privileged to partner with an incredible non-profit called Hand 2 Hand.  With the help of our practice members, we were able to dozens of food items to provide at risk children with food for the weekend. The sole purpose of Hand 2 Hand is to provide meals for children who are on free or reduced lunch during the weekends. Sometimes these school children don't eat between Friday's lunch and Monday's breakfast. Hand 2 Hand utilizes local churches to adopt a school and pack backpacks full of nutritious meals for the children. 

One of our favorite things about this organization is that they are able to put these packed bags into the kids lockers before school. This eliminates any shame or embarrassment from receiving help from the other kids. And to top if off, every bag and child is prayed over individually! Hand 2 Hand is empowering local communities to reach out and be a blessing right around the corner! They currently are teaming up with 151 schools, 91 churches, and over 4,000 volunteers to serve over 5,200 kids in need! For more information on how to get involved with this amazing organization, click ----> HERE




On December 8th we were able to partner with the American Red Cross in hosting our second blood drive at our office! We once again were blown away at the generosity of our Practice Members in helping us touch the lives of over 50 individuals who find themselves in life-or-death situations ... So to everyone who was able to come out, THANK YOU! 

We love giving our community an opportunity to practice radical generosity, and giving the gift of life itself is a great place to start! The American Red Cross shares our hearts of desiring to bring restoration and healing, and we cannot thank them enough for allowing us to partner with them! If you'd like to see more opportunities that the American Red Cross has for you, click ----> HERE

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For this year during the November pre-Christmas season, we partnered with Samaritan's Purse! They are an amazing organization that has several ministries, but Operation Christmas Child specifically looks  to collect shoeboxes full of Christmas gifts for kids all over the world.  They target people groups who won't have access to any presents or the story behind Christmas, the hope of all mankind in the birth of Jesus Christ. We were able to have dozens of patients, local businesses, and friends step up and help fill 30 shoeboxes! 

If you would like more information about Operation Christmas Child or Samaritan's Purse, you can follow the link and click -----> HERE



During the Halloween time at Seppo Chiropractic, we loved having the opportunity to spread some of the fun! On October 28th, the Holland Town Center hosted their annual 'Trick or Treat' event where dozens of  Town Center businesses handed out candy and provided a covered walkway in the rainy weather! Our office had a blast dressing up and handing out healthy treats and hot cider to roughly 1,000 people! Brady enjoyed the constant attention and ear scratches! We look forward to serving the community next year with hopefully even more fun opportunities!

If you would like more information about events taking place at Seppo Chiropractic or Holland Town Center, follow our Facebook page by clicking ----> HERE


" We build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter in Ottawa and part of Allegan Counties."

" We build strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter in Ottawa and part of Allegan Counties."

For the month of September, our office partnered with our local Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity to share what they do in the area as well as help out! Dr. Andrew was able to catch up with Stacey Korecki, their development coordinator, for a lively chat diving further into what Habitat for Humanity does besides building houses.

You can find that interview on our Facebook page ---> HERE


Dr. Cait and Dr. Andrew were also able to get out to a build site and help out for a morning during the week. While neither of us is proficient in carpentry, we were able to help caulk around door frames and closets for 5 hours! And that is the beauty of Habitat for Humanity, while they do need experienced builders, contractors, etc. anyone with a willingness to help out can make a difference.

To find out more information about Lakeshore Habitat for Humanity, click ---> HERE

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On August 22nd we were able to partner with the American Red Cross in hosting a blood drive in our office! We had an incredible time seeing so many of our Practice Members join us in saving 3 lives for every donor! We even exceeded our drive goal of saving 75 lives ... So to everyone who was able to come out, THANK YOU! 

At Seppo Chiropractic, our heart is always to restore lives, to bring healing and reconciliation, and to encourage others to help leave an impact in our community.  The Red Cross shares this vision and we cannot thank them enough for letting us partner with them to see this vision become a reality! If you'd like to see more opportunities that the American Red Cross has for our community, click ----> HERE


For the month of July, we were collecting donations to go towards helping women transition out of abusive environments.  

"The Center’s mission is to respond to, reduce, and prevent domestic and sexual violence. This mission will be achieved through education, collaboration, and advocacy, with crisis and supportive services to victims and survivors." 

At Seppo Chiropractic, we love and will get behind and support any organization that actively strives to make our community a safer and more promising one!

To learn more about the CWIT and what they do, click ------> HERE


On June 19th, 2017 our team was able to head to a mobile American Red Cross site at Drenthe Christian Reformed Church in Zeeland, MI. We had an amazing time sharing the gift of life to up to 6 people between our staff! As the American Red Cross helps to save thousands upon thousands of lives each year, it fit right in with our mission to see lives touched and changed for the better!


For our Ribbon Cutting and Grand Opening of the office, we were blessed to be able to partner with two incredible non-profits in the Holland/West Michigan community: The Community Action House and Heights of Hope! While having over 60 friends, family, and fellow business owners come out for food, raffle prizes, and a glimpse of our new facility ... they were also able to help us raise a financial donation for the Heights of Hope and dozens of donated canned goods for the CAH.

Heights of Hope is a Christian Community Development Organization committed to serving the Holland Heights community through the collaboration of church and community members. It was founded by the partnership of 3 neighborhood churches: Holland Heights, Calvary, and Niekerk. The incredible thing about Heights of Hope is that their staff lives AND works in the Abbey Court/Stratford Way neighborhood.  They live out their mission everyday are it's so obvious that they are passionate about making their neighborhood and the surrounding areas an even better place than it already is.

Too check out more about Heights of Hope click -----> HERE.

The Community Action House is a non-profit organization committed to breaking the cycle of poverty in the greater Holland, Michigan area and surrounding Ottawa County. They do so by offering a variety of services with food, clothing, shelter, education and Hope. With several locations servicing so many needs in the community, Community Action House is a shining beacon in the West Michigan area since 1969.

Too check out more about the Community Action House click ------> HERE.


In the summer of 2016, Dr. Andrew was able to partner with Victory 91.5's Million Meals campaign and Freedom Family Chiropractic out of Suwanee, GA to raise over 2,000 pounds of clothes which turned into roughly 7,000 meals for displaced, homeless, and impoverished families in Kenya! 


Dr. Andrew and Dr. Cait were blessed to be able to partner with several other Chiropractors and a group called Vitalistic Masters to travel to Ensenada, Mexico for a chiropractic mission trip in the spring of 2016! They spent 6 days traveling to various community centers, schools, churches, orphanages, and market places to serve the people with principled chiropractic adjustments.

Along with adjusting thousands of people with their team, they were also able to educate thousands more on the principles of chiropractic and how the body's own innate intelligence guides the healing process. It was a week that certainly left a lasting impact on both Dr. Andrew and Dr. Cait not only because they were able to help spread health and healing to communities that don't have access to chiropractic care, but also because they were able to pray and come into contact with so many beautiful souls!