Traveling can often seem like a double-edged sword - amazing for relaxing and getting away but awful on your eating and fitness routines. Like everything else, balance is key here. Here are some of the ways we stay healthy while still enjoying our vacations:

1. Bring healthy snacks- I always stock up on on fruit, veggies, seed crackers, homemade trail mix, and granola bars. These help you prevent needing to grab gas station food or showing up at a restaurant so ravenous you down 5 pieces of bread before your meal arrives.

2. Walk everywhere- I much prefer walking everywhere in a new city because it helps me to see and experience more than just driving by. But the extra steps also make a huge difference in your health by keeping you moving throughout your day. Plus you save money on taxis and rental cars! 

3. HIIT workouts- daily workouts is something that is a huge part of my lifestyle and helps reduce my stress levels. To make my workouts maintainable while on the road I like to do High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts. These workouts involve alternating physically-intense bouts of exercise followed by a period of rest. I will do these workouts for 15-20 minutes to get my heart rate up and my blood pumping. 

4. Yoga- I also like to do a 10 minute yoga routine in the mornings on my vacations. Sleeping on different beds with different pillows while moving your body in a new city can be taxing on your body. Stretching out and doing a gentle yoga flow in the morning can help release built-up tension and relax your muscles for a more enjoyable day.

Healthy Travel Tips Pic1.jpeg

5. Coffee- ok this one is totally personal, but one of my favorite parts of vacation is walking to a new coffee shop each day and starting my morning with a cup of joe. Having a coffee or tea in the morning is something I usually do as a part of my daily routine. So bringing this habit with me on vacation brings me a lot of joy. I encourage you to find a fun tradition to bring with you on all of your vacations!