Fitness and health doesn’t have to look like spending hours in the gym and only eating salads. Living a healthy lifestyle can be fun and spontaneous. This weekend Andrew and I had a totally random date day that incorporated tons of fitness and healthy snacks.

We started by visiting a park in Grand Rapids we had been wanting to take Brady to for some time. We were able to walk around, play frisbee, and enjoy the rare January sunshine.

Then we found the best playground equipment to do some strength training on! Andrew and I decided to have a pull-up contest! We are both super competitive and love the opportunity to push and challenge each other both physically and mentally.

Then we went to check out a new acai and juice bar called Fruition. It was SO GOOD. I highly recommend checking them out if you’re in the area. It felt so good to treat ourselves to something special that didn’t feel heavy or make us feel bloated.

I hope this inspires you to check out some healthy options in your area. Rethink your date ideas to include something active and nutritious. :)