Farmer's markets are vibrant with abundant varieties of fruits and veggies this time of year. While I LOVE going to visit our local farmer's market every chance I can, you may be wondering why farmer's markets are better to shop at than your convenience store. I'm going to share several of my top reasons for choosing to shop local over big box stores.

1) Locally-grown essentially means "freshly-picked." When you buy local produce, you are buying produce that is in season, at the peak of its ripeness. Not only will this taste better, it also has a higher nutrient content. Food in the average convenience store is shipped from either out-of-state or out-of-country. It is often picked well before it is ripe and then sprayed with ethylene while it ships to force ripening to occur before hitting grocery shelves. 

2) Farmer's markets are often way cheaper than the big box stores. When produce comes from long distances away, you are essentially covering the travel costs for the produce in addition to the growing costs. At your local farmer's market, you are just paying for the cost to grow the crops. And again, it tastes way more fresh! 

3) Local produce is usually ethically sourced and you get to know your farmer. Knowing where your food comes from goes a long way in helping you make educated decisions. We love building relationships with local farmer's and knowing exactly what we are putting into our bodies!