I've always been the type of person to hate clutter. I've long felt that a cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind. When things aren't organized, I find that I can't focus and that I'm significantly less productive while simultaneously stressing about when I'm going to find time to organize the mess that has become of my house. Perhaps this is partly because of being raised to be a neat-freak and to keep our house looking like no one lived there at all times. But I will always cherish a state of simplicity in my environments. 

A while back I read a book on essentialism, or really the idea of intentionally being disciplined to pursue less things and only focus on the ones that really matter. This idea is something I have really incorporated into my life over the last few years. It started when I was in university and then grad school when I was moving almost every year for 8 years straight. The less I owned, the easier it was to pack up and move. But even since being more rooted in a community I've still found I have more freedom in less possessions. 

This by no means I own only 30 items. I definitely own a closet full of clothes and a kitchen full of trinkets. But the difference is every single thing I own holds an intrinsic value in my life. Everything I own I use regularly. My husband used to be the type to save sentimental artifacts. Like t-shirts from a team he once played on or a scarf that bore the logo of his school. But through time he chose to follow suit and donate anything that was no longer serving him. He now regularly enjoys going through his closet to make sure only his favorite styles and colors are there. 

As we come closer to spring and many families are about to deep clean their houses, I think this idea of minimalism is important. The more clutter we allow to accumulate in our houses and in our minds can distract us from the things in life that really matter. Walking into my house it's incredibly easy to identify what I value most by the possessions I own. As you clean, discipline yourself to the pursuit of less. But only insomuch that you add value to your life by creating more room for the things that truly bring you life. 

Although this post doesn't contain the usual practical and helpful tips, I hope this idea inspires you to be diligent about screening everything you allow into your life. This idea is definitely not something you'll regret. Happy spring cleaning!!