Healthy Date Ideas

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Date nights often have us thinking of splurging on rich dinners and desserts or perhaps even move nights. While we love all of those things as much as the next person, we also try to incorporate dates frequently into our lives. If we let ourselves splurge several times a week, that would definitely not leave us in a healthy place!

We like to find activities we both enjoy (and can do with our puppy!) The key is to find things you not only enjoy, but can also do seasonally. One of my favorite things ever is to do all of the things each season I couldn’t normally do during other times of the year. For example, summer is all about beach days, long bike rides, blueberry picking, and playing tennis. Fall is all about hiking, apple picking camping, football games, and bon fires. Winter is my favorite time for healthy baked treats, bundled up walks through downtown to see all the Christmas lights, and coffee dates. Spring is the time for long walks, farmer’s markets, and dancing in the rain.

Despite the long winters, having four seasons brings an enjoyment for all the different activities we get to enjoy year round. Below are some highlights of our absolute favorite date ideas. More than anything, we love exploring- exploring new places, new trails, new restaurants, new activities. I hope this gives you some inspiration to have more date days (even if it is just with yourself or friends!) and to enjoy a healthy lifestyle while doing it.