Our Healthy Habit Challenge this January is Affirmations. I know for many this may seem like a strange month to do a simple challenge like affirmations. I mean it’s January. It’s a new year. A time for radical goal setting and resolutions. There is nothing wrong with setting big goals and pushing yourself to be the best version of you. However, a large reason these lofty goals often are forgotten by February is that we don’t have our mindsets right.

Growing up as an athlete, I was required to do hundreds of mental routines. I didn’t fully understand why they were important then, but there is research to prove that by doing a mental routine, your neurological connections are still appropriately firing communications to your muscles, as if you were actually doing the routine. You are physically getting almost the same benefit of actually doing the routine. Your mind is so powerful that you can do mental routines and reap the benefit of physically doing them. Visually creating a routine (or habit!) in your mind allows for the creation or strengthening of already existing neurological pathways in your brain. In the same way that mental routines help athletes get more out of their training, affirmations will help you sustain positive changes in your life by replacing your sabotaging and negative thought patterns. Speaking truth and encouragement over yourself and affirming yourself daily through affirmations, especially in areas you don’t feel confident or equipped in, can rewrite the negative narrative over your life you’ve been believing for so long.

So many people don’t reach their goals because, deep down, they simply don’t believe they can. Affirmations help us to rewrite our subconscious beliefs. YOU are the person you talk to most on a daily basis. Speak well to yourself and spend time building yourself up in truth.

These do not need to be long or complicated. Although I’ll leave you with an example, I would encourage you to write out your own affirmation. Write one that speaks to eliminate your own insecurities and encourage any positive changes you’re looking to make in your life this year. Write out your affirmation and hang it in a spot you’ll see every day, like on your bathroom mirror.

“I am loved. I am a daughter of the King. My life has value and purpose. I am surrounded by many close friends. I naturally crave whole, unprocessed foods. I am filled with passion. I move my body every day in a way that I enjoy. I am confident and strong. I am enough.”