Balanced Plates

A delicious and nutritious dinner can seem like an impossible task. You are tired from a long day of work and creating something comforting and quick that also fuels your body can be daunting. It’s easy to grab fruit with breakfast or a salad a lunch and feel good about your choices. But if I’m being honest, I rarely ever crave something that clean for dinner. I usually want something hearty after dealing with the stress of the day. But I also don’t want to wake up the next morning feeling sluggish from a heavy meal the night before.

We address this solution a variety of ways, but it usually involves healthy substitutes. Rather than denying my desire for certain foods, I look for healthy substitutes. Wanting pasta? I will whip up a garbanzo bean pasta. Want pizza? I’ll make a cauliflower crust pizza loaded with veggies.

One great rule of thumb is to include a protein, a healthy fat, and a healthy whole food carbohydrate in your meals. For example, tonight’s dinner was my favorite roasted tofu recipe (protein), sauteed kale in olive oil (greens and healthy fat), and quinoa (healthy carbohydrate). It really can be that simple. Yes there are nights I crave fancier options. But don’t let dinner stress you out. Eat whole foods. There is always a healthy version of your favorite dinners out there.

balanced plates.JPG